Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Cuttack



C.C.A._ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEAR (Session – 2003 – 04)

                  A good no. of CCA activities has been carried out in this Vidyalaya since April ‘ 2003.

                         1.     Literary Competitions

2.     Science & Technology

3.     Art & Music

4.     Games & Sports


                                  Inter house essay competitions fro junior as well as senior in all the three languages English, Hindi & Oriya.

 Creative writing competitions.


                                1.     Science quiz competition (Inter house)

2.     Science wall magazine competition basing on creative collection.

3.     National Science Day celebration.


1.   Inter house solo song competition

2.   Inter house group dance competition

3.   Fancy dress competition

4.   Alpana Competition

Apart from the above competitions this vidyalaya has celebrated the following observation days.

 1.     Children’s Day , Gandhi Jayanti , Netaji Jayanti , Ambedkar Jayanti , Teacher’s Day, Independence Day , Republic Day.

2.     Celebration of Hindi Fortnight

3.     Welcome of class VI and migration Students

4.     Farewell to migration as well as class XII students.

C.C.A._ACTIVITIES FOR THE YEAR (Session – 2004– 05)

              Inter  House competitions were held on every Saturday afternoon in the following activities for both Senior and Junior houses. 

They were :-

1.     Recitation of Poems (English, Hindi & Oriya)

2.     Essay Competition (English, Hindi & Oriya)

3.     Poster making competition.

4.     Alpana Competition for Senior & Juniors

5.     Nukkad Natak on the theme of Population Education

(Programme under Pace setting activities)

6.     Debate competition in English, Hindi & Oriya.

7.     Science Quiz for Senior & juniors.

8.     Moral story telling in English, Hindi & Oriya.

9.     Self composed poem competition in English, Hindi & Oriya.

10. Speech competition in Hindi, English & Oriya.

11. Inter House Science Wall magazine competition.

12. Extempore speech in English, Hindi and Oriya.

13. Inter House Wall Magazine competition on Gandhiji.

14. Fancy Dress Competition.

15. Spot painting competition

16. Group Dance competition.

17. Solo song competition.


         Since the starting of this session, JNV, Mundali has organized a number of CCA competitions and observations.  The students are divided into four groups as follows :-

         Group A           -           Class VI only

         Group B           -           Class VII and VIII

         Group C           -           Class IX and Class X

         Group D           -           Class XI and XII

         For every group equal participation from girls and boys both are there from each house.  Therefore the competitions held are all inter house only and much care is being taken for maximum number of participation in each group.  The main aim of conducting all types of competitions are to encourage the hidden talent among the students and to explore them.  Judgment was done very judiciously every time by keeping minimum three numbers of Judges not belonging to any particular house and much preferably the item/event competent one.  The time and Venue of competitions as well as information regarding topic rules, participation criteria and other necessary information are conveyed/announced to everybody in the Morning Assembly well before time so that the participation was quite active and well prepared.  All the inter house competitions were taken care by the concerned  Housemasters & Housemistresses.  Subject teachers and also other creative teachers guided the students time to time and everybody’s co-operation made the programme a successful one.  The Principal of the Vidyalaya looked after every arrangement personally and inspired the staff and the students for all types of competitions held in his presence.  Especially Quiz competitions for both Junior and Seniors were held in a nice way by adopting all modern methods like rapid fire round, audio-visual round and buzzer round.  Later students as well as audience were rewarded with a memento for their correct answer from Quiz Master on the stage.  This created a sense of quick thought in every respect.

          The following competitions were held in this school:-

1.              Group Song Competition.

2.              Oriya Debate

3.              Fancy Dress Competition.

4.              English Essay Writing Competition.

5.              Oriya Essay Writing Competition.

6.              Poster Making Competition for Environmental Week

7.              Poem Recitation

8.              Group Dance Competition

9.              Mock News Reading Competition

10.           Solo Song Competition

11.           Calligraphy Competition

12.           Wall Magazine Making Competition on Sadvawana Day

13.           Quiz Competition (Science)

14.           Quiz Competition (General Studies & Current Affairs)

15.           Antakshari Competition for both Senior & Juniors

16.           Hindi Pakhwada Celebration (Debate, Poem Writing, Recitation, Essay Writing, Group Discussion, Drama, One Act Play)

17.           National Science Day (Science Speech & Wall Magazine Competition)

 Apart from that a good number of Observation Days are celebrated in the school premise like :-

1.              Investiture Function (Badge Giving)

2.              Environment Day Celebration and Van Mahostav Week Celebration

3.              Sadvawana Day (Good Will Day)

4.              Welcome to Class VI students

5.              Welcome to Migration students.

6.              Independence Day

7.              Ganesh Puja

8.              Saraswati Puja

9.              Netaji Subhas Jayanti

10.           Gandhi Jayanti, Sastri Jayanti

11.           Guru Nanak Birth Day

12.           Children’s Day

13.           Teacher’s Day

14.           National Science Day

15.           World Population Day

16.           Hindi Diwas

17.           Human Right Day

18.           Alumni Day

19.           X – Mass Day

20.           New Year’s Day

21.           Republic Day

22.           Id, Muharam

23.           Holi